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With the advancement of HYBRID technology, it has become cheaper and easier to build mobile apps that can run cross-platform. While there are still devices which cannot run native apps, all a HYBRID application needs to run is a browser, which is available on every device. So looking to build an app with the reach of the web, but with a performance like native apps – HYBRID is the answer to all your questions.

With cheaper costs and faster development, it is no wonder that companies and startups are using HYBRID to launch their Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

At Digtal Graphiks, our HYBRID app development solutions can work perfectly for your company, if it’s what fits your requirements. However, there are pros and cons to going the HYBRID app route. If you are looking for a quick option to make content available on all mobile devices without the need for native app features then HYBRID may well be your best option. It keeps costs down as it’s not necessary to develop native apps for multiple platforms, it only needs to be built once and is usable on all devices.

Bear in mind that there are limitations with HYBRID over native apps. It’s widely known that HYBRID provides an inferior mobile user experience as users expect to be able to use functions that take advantage of mobile device hardware that are not possible with HYBRID. Inferior performance such as being unable to provide fast load times, unable to function while offline are further reasons why users prefer native over HYBRID.


Digital Graphiks is a leading cross platform mobile app development company with years of experience in building, developing and deploying cross platform mobile apps to a global clientele. We are proud of our dedicated workforce who offers the best cross platform mobile app development services and leverage the full potential of cutting edge cross platform mobile app development technologies to build robust, interactive and responsive cross platform mobile apps.

Lower Cost & Effective App Development

Hybrid application give you a hard time if you don’t develop it right. Also we know hybrid development is not a complete solution yet for many app development cases. We know exactly where it fits today. Our team’s deep expertise in hybrid technologies can help organizations lower cost of development all the while leveraging modern app development with a smooth UX. We offer faster time to market ensuring that you do not miss out on interesting and timely opportunities. Get the best of native features for your application and enrich your customer experience. Xtecsoft approach makes it easier to maintain and deploy upgrades, essentially boosting productivity all around.

50% Lower Cost

Hybrid app development can swing his sword and cut up to 50% cost across platform. In hybrid development, certain hybrid mobile app frameworks are used which takes less effort and time from developers side. Developed application can be provided in any mobile app store which saves a lot of money and time as well.

90% Code Reusability

With some native mobile app framework like Xamarine Forms can give code reuse up to 90%. Hybrid technologies now a days are getting more mature then ever before. If your decision is to hire a professional for cross platform app development, we are here to help you with the resources at any time.

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