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Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Service

Pay-Per-Click (or PPC) is an Internet Marketing tool that allows website owner to pay for ranking position. PPC are processes managed by search engines (like Google or Bing), social media sites (like Facebook or LinkedIn) and ad networks that are engaged by advertisers. In each case these are third-party sites where the client pays for adverts that we manage for the client. Pay per click advertising is a powerful direct marketing channel that allows advertisers to target specific markets and specific search phrases. The advertiser agrees a fee for each click/selection of their ads by users. The position of the ad is based on the advertisers bid offer in relation to other bidders and the quality of the advert.

We tailor PPC campaigns to meet our client needs. Our PPC service will deliver the most effective PPC campaign possible for your business. More than ever companies need an effective PPC strategy in order to drive business through their web presence.

Our PPC Management Methodology & Timeline

Our proven PPC Management methodology is typically broken in to the following steps:

  1. In conjunction with the client agree objectives and targets and develop a PPC strategy
  2. Capture requirements to meet the goals and set a baseline
  3. Perform Keyword Research and Selection
  4. Customise and write unique creative content (titles and descriptions) to maximise click through and conversion rates
  5. Identify landing pages: we identify the best pages to maximise conversions – update content, titles, headers, etc.
  6. Systematically build a PPC campaign & implement campaign tracking
  7. Start campaign
  8. Track, measure, improve and report results to the client

New PPC campaigns can be up and running within a 2 to 3 days. Results from the campaigns can usually be seen within 1 week of launch.

Why use our services?

Digital Graphiks offers a PPC service that will help drive traffic to your site to potentially enhance your online reputation and drive more sales.


We agree and document a clear PPC strategy with specific goals.


We have accumulated the PPC knowledge that delivers results for our clients.


We look at your business and PPC need with the aim of generating new ideas and recommendations.

Cost Effective

You can lower your internet marketing staffing costs and focus on your core competencies.


You get detailed reporting and PPC campaign analysis.


We take the responsibility to get our clients PPC results.

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