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Social Media

Social networks are part of everyday life and present as a powerful tool for businesses to engage with customers and develop relationships.

Unlike search engines, social media allow you to target people, not keywords, and this presents an opportunity often too valuable to pass upon.

Thanks to the wealth of data collected by social platforms, digital agencies can target users at the most granular level, breaking down your target audience into specific profiles so as to deliver adverts & content that resonate with them.

If your business is in market to test new channels for upper funnel, social could provide the medium you are looking for in order to drive brand awareness to help find a completely new type of customer.


Each Social platform offers different ad formats to advertisers from display to video, inMail, to sponsored content & lead generation ads.

digitalgraphiks will walk you through the decision making process, ensuring we choose the right platforms to connect with your audience, and the ad types best suited to achieve your goals.

We keep an open mind and let the data make our decisions for us, ensuring you always receive the best RoI.


Facebook have created some pretty incredible ways to find your target audience on their platform. Our aim is to use the right message at the right time to reach the right people.


digitalgraphiks designs Instagram advertising strategies for businesses that will help deliver more engagement, more leads and more sales.


B2B businesses tend to benefit most from LinkedIn advertising, Why? Because it’s a network built solely for professionals.

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